Amelia Island Fishing for Trout and Redfish

Proud Fisherman Amelia Island Fishing, holds a 22-inch Redfish caught in the backwaters.

Amelia Island Fishing – Fighting A Trout

Met Bob at my boat slip this morning at 0700 to do some inshore Amelia Island fishing. We motored out of the city marina and headed to our first spot.

I explained to Bob the rig which was a slip cork and a small weight and a #2 Kahle hook. He hooked a live shrimp and cast out to the shoreline.

The cork was drifting with the tide and within two minutes the cork went down hard and Bob set the hook, the fish started to make a run.

After a good fight, I netted a nice 17 inch speckled trout.

As I got the fish in the box, Bob was putting another live shrimp on and made another cast.

All of a sudden the cork headed to the bottom, Bob set the hook once again and the fight was on once more.

This fish was fighting hard and right before I could get the net under him he pulled the hook.

At least we were able to see it and it was quite bigger than the first one.

We ended up with several more good fish and a few more were missed.

Change of Inshore Fishing Spot Tactics

We left and headed for our second stop of the day.

We changed to different rigs and tactics. This time Bob used a ¼ ounce jighead and cut mullet for bait.

Two rods were set out along the edge of an oyster bed.

It was not long before he was fighting a nice redfish. No matter what Bob did that fish was going right for the oyster bed and in no time the line was cut.

But no worries we had another one on in a short time. This time we were able to get this one to the net a fat 22-inch redfish.

We got the baits back out and before long we had a runner on. The redfish fought hard and made several long runs.

Bob managed to get the brute redfish to the net, and it was a 31-inch beast. Got a good picture and released him to fight another day.

We had a few more slot reds caught and a few more get off.

We headed to one more spot and caught some nice mangrove snapper.

Time was upon us and we headed back to the dock.

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