Amelia Island Backwater Fishing for Redfish

Amelia Island Backwater Fishing, John proudly displays a great 25-inch Redfish weighing about 6 pounds.

Amelia Island Backwater Fishing – Popular for Redfish

I met John visiting from Pennsylvania, Tuesday afternoon for some Amelia Island backwater fishing for Redfish.

As we were walking down to the slip John mentioned he did not fish in saltwater much, that he mainly fished for largemouth bass and trout back home.

I assured him that he would do fine.  We planned on fishing the first of the outgoing tide today.  The weather was overcast with a slight breeze.

We left the slip and headed out into the river to our first fishing spot. The 10 ft Power Poles came in handy today as we anchored in about 6 feet of water.

We were going to start out with a popping cork rigged with a live shrimp. John made some good casts and let the cork drift with the tide but there were no takers. He made a few more casts and then we both saw the cork go underneath the water. He ended up with a nice 17-inch Speckled Seatrout.

John did not want to keep any so we let it back into the water. He made a few more casts with no bites, so we left to go to our second spot.

By this time the tide was flowing good. We caught a few small trout and had one good hit which John could not hook up.

A Monster Hit Fishing Spot

Once again we traveled about 10 minutes to our third spot of the day.

Oh lucky number three.

I had John switch up to a rod with a ¼ ounce jighead and put on a mud minnow. It was not long before he was reeling in another keeper trout, 16 inches this time.

He cast a few more times with some more nice trout coming to the boat. John cast again and he had a monster hit. He set the hook and the battle was on.

I immediately told John that was our redfish he had on. The redfish made some good runs but John was able to bring him to the net.

It was a great 25 inch fish weighing about 6 pounds. A few more trout were hooked up and then another big hit.

Another redfish on the end of the line. Again John did a fantastic job getting this guy to the net.

This one measured just under 27 inches and weighed just about 8 pounds.

The bite slowed a bit so we drifted down the bank with no more bites.  So we called it a day and headed back to the marina.

I must say John did a heck of a job Amelia Island backwater fishing today, he was a real pro. It was a fun trip with some great company.


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