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Met Ralph, Stetson and Vern at the Fernandina Beach City Marina around 9am. These guys had come down for the annual Florida/Georgia football game. We left the dock and headed to our first fishing spot on the Nassau river. We had live shrimp and mud minnows to fish with under a floating cork. Vern stated he had not done much fishing and I said not to worry, that I would show him. Ralph and Stetson got their lines out in no time. I showed Vern how to hook the bait and proceeded to show him how to cast the Penn 3500 reel and rod combo. I made the first cast for him so that he could see what I was doing. It was only a couple minutes when Ralph hollered at Vern that his cork was under the water. Vern got the hook set and started reeling in the fish. I told him to keep his rod up and reel nice and steady. I netted the nice 17-inch speckled trout. Stetson was next to get in on the action, another good slot trout. Everyone was getting bites almost at the same time. The bite was hot for about 30 minutes. When the bite slowed I would use the trolling motor and move down about 40 to 50 yards, power pole back down and the guys would cast back out. We stayed in about 5 ½ to 6 feet of water. The trout would almost immediately start hitting the baits as soon as the corks hit the water. We had a lot of good keeper trout in the cooler. We kept this up for a couple hours when I see some bait working along the edge of some grass and all of a sudden, a swirl and the bait scattered. I got Stetson to grab a rod with a Carolina rig and I hooked a live mullet on the circle hook. He made a perfect cast to where the fish was. The line just started to scream off the reel and Stetson set the hook and the battle was on. The fish would keep taking line out and Stetson would gain it back. This went on for several minutes. He finally got the upper hand and after a while the mammoth 30-inch redfish was landed. Some pictures were taken and the fish was released back into the water. We caught a lot of trout on this trip and a good time was had by all. I got the fish cleaned and the guys went over to the Salty Pelican for a great lunch.

Big Flounder

Went out with Michael today to do some backwater fishing in the creeks and rivers around Amelia Island. The weather was not the best. We had winds coming out of the northeast at 18 to 22 mph. We talked it over at the dock and decided to give it a go. Michael was an experienced… Continue Reading

Pretty Good Fishing

This past week we have had quite a variety of fish being caught. The mullet run is in full swing. We have gotten out early in the morning and have had a fantastic top water bite for Jack Crevalle and Lady Fish. Both these fish are hard fighters on light tackle. We found these fish… Continue Reading

Never Seen A Flounder

I met up with Kala and Jim from Kentucky around 730 in the morning. We headed out of the Fernandina Beach Marina to our first spot of the day. I set them up with a floating corks rigged with 1/0 kahle hooks. The bait was a live mud minnow. The corks were set between two… Continue Reading

Wil’s Biggest Redfish

I met up with long time clients, Myra, Rob and their son Wil to do some Fernandina Beach fishing. We had a lot of rain this week, so I was not sure what effect that would have on the fishing. Plus, we had a full moon on top of that. But I was determined to… Continue Reading

Redfish for Dinner

It was 7 am when I met up with Donny and his wife Wendy plus their friends Larry and his wife Debbie. The plan was to fish the backwaters of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach for some good fish for the dinner table. We arrived at our first destination and proceeded to get the rods… Continue Reading

Fishing Amelia Island

I met up with Jim and his wife Charlene, son Nick to fish the backwaters of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island. We started out using a floating cork and live shrimp. Charlene was the first to get hooked up and brought in a good 16-inch speckled trout. Jim and Nick each got a couple more… Continue Reading

Trout and Redfish

Met Bob at my boat slip this morning at 0700 to do some Amelia Island fishing. We motored out of the city marina and headed to our first spot. I explained to Bob the rig which was a slip cork and a small weight and a #2 kahle hook. He hooked a live shrimp and… Continue Reading

8-14 May

It was a good week fishing Amelia Island waters. We were able to fish the jetties and the backwaters. Several great fish were caught using a variety of rigs and baits. The jetties produced some outstanding catches of redfish up to 30 inches. The speckled trout also got in on the action. The trout averaged… Continue Reading

Mixed Bag

I met Raymond and Milly on a gorgeous afternoon. We started out the day going to look for some redfish. We made the run back to some docks that have been holding a few reds. The tide was outgoing this afternoon. The plan was to drift a live shrimp using a popping cork in and… Continue Reading