Fishing Amelia Island Backwater – Redfish for Dinner

A 22-inch Redfish, trout and mangrove snapper caught fishing Amelia Island backwater.

It was 7 am when I met up with Donny and his wife Wendy plus their friends Larry and his wife Debbie for a fishing Amelia Island Backwater trip.

The plan was to fish the backwaters of Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach for some good fish for the dinner table.

We arrived at our first fishing spot destination and proceeded to get the rods out with a popping cork and a live shrimp.

Debbie was the first to get a bite, a small trout.

Then everyone else was getting hits and a few more small trout and puppy drum.

The tide was moving pretty good but the fish just would not cooperate so I told the group to bring in the lines and we headed to our second spot of the day.

Second Backwater Fishing Spot a Game Changer

I had cast netted some mullet earlier in the week, and I cut up into nice bite-size chunks about an inch wide.

The mullet were put on a 1/4 ounce jig head and cast to the edges of some oyster bars that ran along the grass bank.

It was not long before we had the drag on one of the reels start to scream out.

Wendy grabbed the rod and the fight was on. She did a great job on the redfish and we got the 23-inch fish to the net.

We got that one in the box and it was not long before the drag on another rod was going.

Debbie was next to grab the rod and when she picked it up the fish really took off on her.

She fought the fish hard as it made several big runs trying to get off.

Debbie and the big redfish were in a good battle, neither giving up.

The fish made one final hard run and this time the hook pulled out.

Donny and Larry were soon in on the action with their own redfish.

We boated a couple more slot redfish for the dinner table and also had a couple over the 27-inch slot limit which were released.

Redfish, Shark, Trout – Fishing Amelia Island Backwater Catches

Debbie landed a great 22-inch redfish.

We also landed and released a good bonnethead shark.

After the bite slowed we went to find some more speckled trout.

The group managed to land some nice 16 to 17-inch trout and a 13-inch mangrove snapper.

We called it a day and headed back to the dock.

I got the fish cleaned and on ice for them to take home.

It was a lot of fun fishing Amelia Island backwater with Wendy, Donny, Debbie and Larry.

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