Wil’s Redfish Caught Charter Fishing Fernandina Beach

Charter Fishing Fernandina Beach nets a Redfish

I met up with longtime clients, Myra, Rob and their son Wil to do some charter fishing Fernandina Beach.

We had a lot of rain this week, so I was not sure what effect that would have on the fishing.

Plus, we had a full moon on top of that. But I was determined to find us some good Fernandina Beach fishing spots.

We left the dock at 7:30 AM and proceeded to head to our first fishing spot. I got everybody rigged up with a floating cork and a live shrimp.

Myra was the first to hook up, and I netted her 18-inch speckled trout.

They were not keeping any fish this time and she released it back into the water.

Hard Fighting Mangrove Snapper

The next couple of bites were mangrove snapper. These are hard fighting for their size and very good eating.

Wil finally hooked into a trout of his own. Rob also got a small puppy drum.

Next thing we knew Myra set the hook on a really nice trout. The trout started taking drag, but Myra did a fantastic job playing the fish.

I got the trout in the net and put in on the measuring board, a whopping 23-inch fish. We took a couple pictures and released it back in the water unharmed.

We caught and released some smaller trout.

Wil wanted to try catching some sharks so we ran about 7 miles south of the Shave bridge and set up in a 23-foot hole.

It was not long before we were getting bites, the only problem was the fish were not being real aggressive and taking the whole bait.

We moved around to another spot and soon Wil was fighting a small Atlantic shark.

We got the fish released and I headed to another area known for good shark fishing.

A Monster Redfish

I again anchored in about 20 feet and got the baits out.

We were talking and all of a sudden, the drag on one of the reels was screaming out.

Wil jumped up and grabbed the rod. The fish turned and was heading straight for the boat.

Wil was reeling as fast as he could but couldn’t catch up to it.

The fish pulled the hook and was gone. Not to worry thou, it was a short time and Wil was in a battle with another fish.

The fish was making several big runs, but Wil hung in there pulling up and reeling down.

I was able to see he had a big redfish on the other end of the line.

Wil worked him up to the middle of the boat and I netted the 42-inch monster.

A Rewarding Day Charter Fishing Fernandina Beach

Once again, we took pictures and got the beast safely back into the water.

We had another rod double over and Myra was battling her own fish.

Everything was going good for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden, the hook pulled out.

It was time so we got the rods in and headed back to the dock.

It was a good day charter fishing Fernandina Beach waters of Amelia Island despite all the fresh water and full moon.

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