Inshore Fishing Amelia Island – Blackdrum, Redfish, Shark

Inshore Fishing Amelia Island, Jim and Charlene show off their Speckled Trout Redfish

Exciting Day Inshore Fishing Amelia Island

I met up with Jim and his wife Charlene, son Nick for a day of inshore fishing Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.

We started out using a floating cork and live shrimp.

Charlene was the first to get hooked up and brought in a good 16-inch speckled trout. Jim and Nick each got a couple more trout.

We also caught a couple black drum.

The tide was getting right for us to go find some redfish, so we headed to another area on the Amelia River.

I found a lot of bait working a grass bank so I eased the boat closer and lowered the power poles.

We cast out the lines with cut mullet as bait on ¼ jig heads up along the edge.

Fishing Rods and Fishing Lines Take Action

All of a sudden one of the rods bent over hard and the line screaming out. Nick snatched up the rod and set the hook.

The redfish made several nice runs but Nick hung in there and brought the fat 23-inch redfish to the net.

It was not even five minutes after we put the fish in the box when one of the other rods had a good fish on. Charlene got the rod in her hands and started battling the fish.

Next thing we know Jim was on the other rod fighting another fish.

Both were doing a great job keeping the lines from getting into each other. I saw Charlene’s fish first and it turned out to be a good size bonnethead shark.

Then I saw Jim’s fish roll on the surface and it was a big redfish.

The shark was under control so we concentrated on the big redfish. Jim got it to the net and we measured the fishing, a whopping 31-inch beast.

We got a few pictures and got it back into the water, then we got the shark in and took some more pictures and released him unharmed.

We caught a few more slot redfish and it was time to call it a day.

We headed back to the dock and got the fish cleaned.

It was a good day inshore fishing Amelia Island with Jim, Charlene and Nick.

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