Fishing Report for Week of 1 Jan 2024

With the cooler water tempatures the fishing has been great around the waters of Fernandina Beach . We are getting good catches of redfish, speckled trout, some sheepshead, and black drum.

Redfish often remain active in December around shallow flats, especially during warmer parts of the day. Look for them in areas with sun exposure as they seek warmth.
Speckled trout tend to stay in slightly deeper water during colder months. They might gather near channels, drop-offs, or areas with structures like docks or bridges.

Using live shrimp and soft plastics can be a winning combination for both redfish and speckled trout in the local waters, especially during January. Redfish and speckled trout are known to love live shrimp. Hooking a live shrimp under a popping cork or free-lining it can be effective, particularly around shallow flats, oyster beds, or near grassy areas where these fish tend to gather. Soft plastics mimic the movement of baitfish or shrimp and can be irresistible. Rigging these on jig heads and casting near structures like docks, bridges, or drop-offs can attract bites, especially for speckled trout that tend to be found in slightly deeper waters during cooler months.

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