Backwater Charter Fishing Amelia Island Spring Update

Man standing on back of boat holding fish caught while Backwater Charter Fishing Amelia Island

Spending time outdoors backwater charter fishing Amelia Island with friends and family has never been better!

The water has already warmed up to about 76 degrees. Baitfish such as glass minnows and mullet are showing up in good numbers. The fishing has been good these past few weeks with some nice catches of speckled trout, redfish, and whiting.

Backwater Trout Fishing Is Always Exciting

The trout have been a little finicky at times, but when you do get one hooked up its been a good one, usually in the 18-inch to 23-inch range. We have mostly been using either a live shrimp or a live mud minnow under a slip cork. Floating these corks over rocks, oyster beds, and pilings has worked out well.

Along with the trout, there have been some awesome redfish getting brought to the boat. These hard-fighting fish have been in the 17-inch range up to 36-inches. Now the slot on these guys is 18 to 27 inches. Anything over the 27- inch mark has to be released.

Whiting Fish Make An Excellent Dish

Man holding fish caught inshore fishing on Amelia Island

If you want an excellent eating fish the whiting bite is on fire. These fish are great anyway you fix them. Been plenty of fish in the 16-inch range in the backwaters of Amelia Island. The rig is quite simple using a three-way swivel with a loop on one, a 1/0 circle sea hook on another and your main line on the last swivel. Depending on the depth we use anywhere between 2 to 4 ounces of weight.

These fish have been holding from 17 feet to 23 feet of water. Cut pieces of shrimp have been an excellent bait along with an artificial bait called fish bites. What’s great about fishing for these tasty fish is it is very easy for kids to catch and once you find them the action is pretty steady.

Dolphins and Manatee Abound At Amelia Island

There has also been plenty of wildlife to see while wetting a line. Dolphins are very active where they can be seen swimming along the top of the water. It’s been really exciting to see a big manta ray come completely out of the water.

Manatees have also been spotted cruising along the grass lines. You don’t realize just how big these gentle creatures are until you see one up close. The bird life on the waterways is another great thing to see while out on the boat.

So, if you want to spend time outdoors in a beautiful setting, whether you want to catch fish to eat or catch and release, backwater charter fishing Amelia Island now is a great time to be spending time with your family, and friends.

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